Renown Musician Tobymac on losing his son.

For Father's Day

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"Our view of Justice is too small. True relief is not found in monetary judgment; the highest relief is reconciliation--the only true closure: the contrite heart seeking forgiveness and the broken victim willing to extend grace. Both warriors, ebbing away from battle wounds, look one another in the eye, and embrace the bludgeoned soul before them."

Christian's first journal entry, 10/12/2022: “My home; where I dig deep, I am strong, confident and full of leadership. I volunteer myself to challenging acts by nature God calls me to. When I am weak He is strong, let me be confident and never bluff because when I lead, I promise to lead by example.“ -- Christian Villani

  • Christian Villani Dillingham Alaska
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Memorial Service

How would life be different, today, if you poured yourself into mending fences instead of burning bridges?

  • How would your health be better?

  • How would your finances be better?

  • How would your overall trajectory and quality of life be better?

  • What can be accomplished, today, to make a change in that direction?